The Lifegear inversion table is a piece of fitness equipment that enables users to safely position their bodies to go upside down, thereby reversing the effects of. Read and understand all the instructions, review all other accompanying Use the inversion table only for its intended use as described in this manual. DO NOT . INVERSION TABLE. OWNER’S MANUAL. The specifications of this product may vary from this photo, subject to change without notice.

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LifeGear 75118 Inversion table Manuals

Insert the pivot pin on one side of the platform into the corresponding center hole and repeat on the other side.

Instructions for assembly, including correct fitting of guards and other device, and warnings about the likely. Tip Use a spotter if it is your first time using the Lifegear inversion table.

Start with a degree angle of inversion if this is your first time. To do this, mount the inversion table, lock your ankles into the rubber heel holders, and lie back with your hands at your sides. What is wrong with it??

lofegear I have a Life Gear Inversion Table and need part 17 on the overview drawing. It never did this before. Attach the support beam by inserting the top section into the holes at the top corner of the table bed. Enter text from picture: Make sure the bar is locked into place by firmly pushing and pulling the bar and checking that the bar does not slide.


Las Vegas, NV Pull the black spring-loaded pin to secure your ankles into place. Retain this owner’s manual for future reference. Read all instructions carefully before using this product.

Stay inverted only as long as you are comfortable. To lengthen the Nylon Strap 32 feed the top end of Nylon Strap 32 into the strap lock, and pull on the lower end of the strap. Make sure that the horizontal crossbar is facing forward, indicating the front of the frame.

Slide one Protective Cover 37 on to each side of the base as shown, and pull down on the Protective Covers 37 until the bottom of the covers are slightly lower than the Left and Right Folding Arms 8L, 8R. Lift your arms and your body will completely invert on the table.

Lifegear Inversion table Manuals

She has penned video scripts, instructional manuals, white papers and abstracts. Shipping address is Julia Waldene Ct. Lifegear inversion table model no. Tighten the strap lifegeat less inversion and loosen it for more. Weight on this product should not exceed kgs lbs. Page 12 11 11 11 11 STEP 7: Choose from a category below.


Exercise of a strenuous nature, as is customarily done on this equipment, should not be undertaken. Instructions for How to Assemble the Ab Lounge.

Lifegear Inversion Table Instructions | SportsRec

Page 13 STEP 8: I have a LifeGear inversion table and it was recently moved to install carpet and now it does lock in place so I can climb into the ankle locks, it swings back. Adjust the height bar so that the foot bars lie comfortably on top of your feet and the ankle rests are in front of your ankles to prevent slipping when inverted. The side handles can be attached at the apex of each side and bolted into place. Roller Hinges Roller hinges allow the inversion table to rotate within the A-frame.

Locate the center hole at the apex of each side frame.

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