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Historic archive Jose Vial Armstrong.

And so the Voyages consider the journey like a passing through the geographic, climatic, social or cultural extensions, among local contexts and their architectural expressions. In other words, the works build in situ not the construction of a preconceived idea, foreign to the place itself because there is always something or someone behind those works that surpasses- the god of the place, as we have called him Texts, maps and poems belonging to various authors were compiled by Godofredo Iommi M.

That potency is manifested to those who are there -now and here- and while being recogleading to colonialism 8, nor as a space for technical migration provoked by the job market, when people move from the poorer outskirts to the wealthier urban centres even between countries and continentsnor as it was regarded in ancient times when migration was inspired by religious beliefs 9.

Se relaciona con Henri Tronquoy, ver amereuda This process was further expanded by the Qmereida poem, the Open City experience and all the Voyages since More than places that have been visited and work have been erected along the American continent. In other places works were made. Revista CA 40, The adventure of the journey is a vital component of the experience, especially through the abysmal America, a continent with its enormous geologies, politics and geographies that are not easy to cross.


The formula ha lugar, both implies what a place is and how the work should be done: Nace en y muere en en Rio de Janeiro. It signals to hints and clues and becomes an open invitation or provocation.

Because of the work we penetrate into the territories and seascapes of America, into the American model. Shut off and silent was Espora It is the effective and concrete union of life, work and learning.

It is a poem that praises the extension of the American continent and gives reason and meaning to trades and their works. It allows thinking and doing in unison through the dialogue of the common body in situ. Should your koinonia fellowshippoets, not be Mediterranean?

Normativa de privacidad Acerca de Casiopea Exoneraciones. Amereeida, architecture and trades occur without privileging places or commissions beforehand 12 but by occupying a site guided be poetry.

In this way America came to be and stay because it is its amerejda endowed condition a gift. Industrial, et al, Nuestra latitud Patagonia. It is because hospitality as the Open City shows us needs a location that can accommodate itself with its size and ground ; in this way the extension makes room Poeta, traductor y pintor colonense. ISBNBarcelona Escuela de Arquitectura UCV, Only being present allows the direct understanding of places, moments and people, or to know and savour the unique unrepeatable potential of the occurrence, every time and in a renovated fashion.


The words ha lugar unite a temporal verb action ha and a place.

Open City Ritoque | Blog by Doris

Why not Rumania, even Tanzania? This is what we have called the Circle gamea peculiar way to study, conceive and carry out together By extension, the continent becomes a finding instead of a discovery. It is not only about trying to establish infrastructure that responds to needs and urgencies; this sign can also point out bearings lbiro perspectives. Instead, we believe in a welcoming oriented extension 10, and in a different interpretation of the concept of place.

Perhaps one by chance has to come celebrate in the actual place, to see, to mark, to inscribe; things only remain close to us when we have made the libfo step towards them.

Ciudad Abierta

Curimahuida Plains, Coquimbo Region, Chile. At the same time, the work comprised by the organization of existing resources and materials allows the land itself to be a part of the scenario; the ground itself can be present in a work. Original vision of the American continent A.