Naamah’s Kiss (Kushiel Legacy) [Jacqueline Carey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Once there were great magicians born to the. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. HThis brilliant and daring debut, set in a skewed Book 1 of 3 in Kushiel’s Legacy (3 Book Series). Welcome to Kushiel’s Legacy Wiki The wiki about Jacqueline Carey’s series Kushiel’s Legacy that anyone can edit articles.

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Little girls play with their barbies and their my little ponies and they don’t masturbate or want to be whipped so they can cum. She is a flawed heroine. The great granddaughter of Alais the Wise, child of the Maghuin Donn, and a cousin of the Cruarch of Alba, Moirin learns kushieel father was a D’Angeline priest dedicated to serving Naamah, goddess of desire. One is her best friend from the time she was lrgacy little, Hyacinthe who is this world’s example of a Gypsy, who is a very lovely character and one I personally was able to really enjoy.

Nobody is, say, out to get a better trade agreement with so-and-so, but will trade a llegacy for a favor even though they don’t care about the rest. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Some may argue she takes too much time building it, and that may be, but as a lover kusheil well-crafted worlds I was happy. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. I enjoyed the different people and their customs, and enjoyed the intricate relationships between everyone and the political aspects of the story.

Oct 27, J. Before she’s sent away, though, the antagonist rapes her.

Thank goodness for Joscelin. Trivia About Kushiel’s Dart P Most of the reviews on this seem to be 4- and 5-star, but I can’t bring myself to give more than 3.

Melisande really does play a deep and subtle game. Ah, sex and politics, two things that can add that special something to a book or ruin it.


But, I am not going to deny how I feel, because that is very important to me when I review a book, since I read books emotionally and not from a detached s Just a disclaimer here: I also liked the way the author weaves politics, war, betrayal, treachery and love into this story, and rather adeptly in my opinion. Kishiel all 15 comments. The other is Joscelin, a follower of Cassiel, and as his priest is sworn to chastity and trained in the martial arts of blades.

D’Angelines, as the citizens are called, are descended from Blessed Elua and his band of fallen angels. Now that story was really damn sexy.

If neither will give way in love, it is not pleasing in the eyes of Naamah. I know everybody steals, but the best writers steal the most, and I could have used some more depth of inspiration.

View all 24 comments. Just too slow and convoluted and uninteresting. I would hold it at weird angles to hide the half-nude woman on the cover from other completely oblivious people at the airport, in the hotel, outside museums, on the subway. Delaunay can do his best to keep Phedre safe, but ultimately they must use all resources as the political plots go ever deeper.

Struggling to find a good one wondered if this is a book aimed at a certain audience? Apr 10, Kogiopsis rated it it was ok Shelves: This was a deep book.

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I was utterly captivated by this book. Unfortunately, this book loses most of its charm when you start to analyse things through the haze of lust-filled prose.

Prostitution and paid sex is something that I absolutely detest the thought of. But Kushiel’s Dart is an exception, mainly because there’s enough action and intrigue for a whole trilogy in the first book alone. So nothing at all like Game of Thrones; outside of a battle of nobility and some high quality kushoel. Compass – Apparently used to replace “comprehend” in certain scenarios.


She largely escapes all the hoopla surrounding stories about Special Ones because the way she uses her specialness has everything to do with her own choices, and the way that others view her as a tool or something to possess.

I did really like the worldbuilding, with all these prettily-named AU versions of European countries.

Treachery leggacy her on her path; love and honor goad her further. The perspective of the narrator is that of adult Phedre and is cast as knowledgeable, omniscient as a result of hindsight. When an author is truly skilled, you’ll come out not knowing which side they’re on.

We mus live, and go onward.

Kushiel’s Legacy Series

To lgacy SHE replied, “Yes. I liked Ysandre, who was young and wise and fair. I thought that seeing the battles and war unfold through Phedre’s eyes was very interesting.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I picked up Kushiel’s Dart, the cover intrigued me, as well as the stated premise on the back. I’d ran lebacy again from House Cereus, because I wanted to see Hyacinthe one least time before Anafiel Delaunay’s men took me away Yes it mirrors the time before the dark ages, but it has a an alternate take on that time that is fun to dive into.

I will also confess I was moderately confused throughout the whole book.

I felt that Carey really wanted to make this story about Moirin’s interpersonal relationships with people so different from herself, but had to include some larger than life plotlines for the sake of having them–plotlines she didn’t really want to deal with.

I do not think his heart could grieve more than mine did, that day when I kkshiel him to pass the butter.