Siemens Hipath Service Manual File Type Download Pdf, Free Pdf Siemens contents nur fã¼r den internen gebrauch asa 76a9. File Type Download Pdf, Free Pdf Siemens Hipath Manual File Type user manual nur fã¼r den internen gebrauch table of contents hipath. Start and Log-on Nur für den internen Gebrauch AHM Administrator Documentation File Types Customer.

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NULL Server-side path to the desired function, i. When accepted, the configured feature code or DTMF sequence will be sent to the external server. The file size is limited to infernen. NULL Name of the file to be deployed. The underlying functionality ffiletype parameters are the same as those used in the server feature function for the program keys see Section 4. When configured on the phone, a press on x or Messages will invoke this application.

Incoming calls are indicated via LEDs and display only.

When set to “disabled”, all access via the user password is disabled. Download server default Not available in the provisioning interface. The Unix Time Stamp is the number filetgpe seconds elapsed since January 1st.

NULL Label for new items.

Cre single cer- item received from ated from When “no ring” is selected, the incoming call will not ring; “alert ring” selects a 3 seconds burst of the configured ring tone; “alert beep” selects a beep instead of a ring tone; “Standard ring tone” selects the default ringer.


Difference minutes daylightsave-minutes Integer 60 Time difference in relation to regular time when daylight saving time is in effect. The timespan between two performance marks is fildtype indicator for the performance of the phone.

Content Value Description start-up On each startup or reset, the phone sends a message to the provisioning service with reason set to this value. NULL Gateway for specific route 1. Filety;e status attribute only exists in responses from the phone.

OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide

IP address or hostname. Secure call alert filetypee locked-configabled menus Enable an alert on insecure calls. Contrast locked-configmenus Enables the contrast setting on display. See the following snippet: Must be different to the Display Name assigned to other applications. This item is available in the phone GUI.

Resume Label for the key. Sent to the priovisioning service to identify phone software type. Larger messages will be split into fragments. Ports On the phone side, the destination port for messages to the provisioning server can be freely chosen.

As the device is configured to Secure Mode without PIN, the provisioning service sends a request to switch to Secure Mode bootstrapping including certificates and secure-port number.

For OpenStage phones with firmware version V2R2 onwards, the message flow is simpler, as the phone includes the changed data in its first message. Depending on the situation and the intended task, the interaction will be started by the phone or by the internnen service.


Apart from the provisioning service, this can only be done via the local phone menu: NULL Second forwarding destination. The phone responds to the contact-me request see Section 1. Recommended MP3 bit specifications: For keyset working, applies to all lines.


Additionally, the special, fixed password must be provided in the restart-password item, and the restart-type inetrnen must be set to FactoryReset. This value is read only. Session minutes ssh-timersession 4. Sent to the provisioning service in “ReadAllItems” message response.

Otherwise, it will not be able to register with the provisioning service after a factory reset. For the pickup function OpenStage V2R1 onwardsthe appropriate code must be gebraucch see blf-code in Section 4.

The status of the admin password can only be set via WPI.


Both microphone and loudspeaker can be switched on or off separately. The type of Action is different, the item is named file-sw-type is used instead of file-type, and the items file-sw-version and filepriority are added.

If more than one lines have the same rank, the selection is made according to the key number. As soon as the user presses the key, information about the incoming call is presented, and the user can accept the call.