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Feb 05, Amy Rae rated it it was ok Shelves: Dec 24, Mallory rated it it was ok Shelves: Bettelheim’s Uses of Enchantment is one of those classic pieces of criticism that are both absolutely essential and hopelessly outdated.

It is compulsively readable. The book uses a Freudian framework, but you don’t have to believe in a literal id, ego, and superego to appreciate the insight Bettelheim brings to stories and how they are absorbed Recommended for anyone who deals with children Bettelheim was an old-fashioned Freudian psychiatrist — the kind who talked to patients instead of drugging them — and a Holocaust survivor.

The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales

Start reading Il mondo incantato on your Kindle in under a minute. Here, check this out: He then, t While I did enjoy some of the historical information regarding the origin of various fairy tales, this is not a book that I enjoyed or would recommend. I really liked the book since it was so informative on the subject of fairy tales and how they can be beneficial to children.

I tre porcellini — Il mondo incantato — Uso, importanza e significati psicoanalitici bsttelheim fiabe — Bruno Bettelheim- Pagina Il mondo incantato.


How many times can you see a helpless female princess being rescued by a valiant male knight, or a female protagonist whose most essential attribute is prettiness, before it has an effect on you?

I have read that, in This was the first book which assured me that my enduring interest in fairy tales was scholarly and not something to be scoffed at as juvenile.

I suppose this book was ground-breaking when it was first published, but honestly, I thought it focused way too much on the idea of all children having an oedipal complex and maybe not enough on how the violence and darkness in original fairy tales address something in a child’s imagination which the sugarcoated Disney tales leaving wanting. One that sets impossible tasks and then banishes the young girl to lie in the dirt and in the filth.

Miti e riti delle serie tv americane di Aldo Grasso.

It turns out Gaiman lifted that particular line from an author I respect far more, so let’s start this over again with a G. But what it wants to do is not something I’m terribly impressed with, personally.

Bauman talks about this fairy tale in Moral Blindness — how the lesson of the story is that everyone needs somewhere to be able to hide their deepest secrets and that being prepared to accept that people — even people you love very much — should be allowed room to conceal some things from you is actually an act of true love. Certainly these do exist, but Brno suspect that fairy tales are even more flexible than Bettelheim gives them credit for.

Il mestiere di scrivere: Feb 13, Jason rated it liked it. To which the obvious answer is: For what it wants to do, it succeeds.

More sensitive children who would be upset by imagery, like Cinderella’s stepsisters cutting up their feet or Snow White’s stepmother dancing herself to death in red-hot shoes, apparently aren’t relevant to his pronouncements. I was looking for vettelheim that would give me more information on the history and development of fairy tales. If you like fairy tales and would like to know what the critical discussion around them is, I actually would recommend giving this a look, because you should know what the major talking-points are.


Maybe I missed it when skimming. Want to Read Currently Reading Incanttato. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


Yeah, Disney, what were you thinking taking all the deep, Freudian psychoanalysis out of our fairy tales so I can now no longer achieve self-fulfillment? That’s the wife putting Jack back in the womb Jack is regressing, you see.

Download form schedule c instructions business: Now if I were just ranking The Uses of Enchantment for its text and mindo for its text, I would most probably be rating it with a low three stars readable but with some definite potential issues and problems.

What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. Books by Bruno Bettelheim. His points about the function of fairy tales, how children and adults read them and what children get out of ri them on pre- sub- and conscious levels, is convincing.

It would seem that all fairy folk tales as he calls them are telling us on a subconscious level how to grow up to become psychologically mature and have good sex lives.