Results 1 – 48 of You are Here: Home» Store Home» RC Parts» Hyper 7 TQ / PBS Buggy . L HYPER 7 (LONG) REAR LOWER ARM-2PCS. The OFNA Hyper 7 PBS is the ultimate off-road vehicle for leisure and competition. Superior performance, rugged features, and exhilirating speed all at a great. Thinking of upgrading my Hyper 7 to PBS suspension front and rear. Can anyone give me a run down of the advantages? Cost and parts.

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Hyper 7 TQ / PBS Buggy

Hypet7 with a PBS set-up you loose a lil steering but for he3lp in the corners set up the brakes for a lil hypfr7 in the rear and it should be no problem. Thank you that syuspension one was the one i had before, but all my bookmarks fgot deletd, WOw those are really helpful whoever put the time in to make these. I think the point is if I had an f1 car and Schumachers had an gp2 car who would win aroun a circuit?

As for it as a beginners buggy Does that mean any hyper 7? Do waste your money on gimick items like carbon fiber radio tray and shock towers. Sign in Already have an account? Create an account yhper7 sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

I modded the rear sway bar so it pbz fit the front, and i have the stock rear sway bar in the back. CNC knuckles for sure. Posted July 1, edited. I wouldn’t change the PBS no matter what others hpyer7. Hyper buggy dedicated forum now online http: For example take Schumachers Ferrari F1 car from the year he joind Ferrari F1 and compare it to Ppbs Ferrari in the car from would be faster due to 10 years of development and race experience.


Sign In or Sign Up. Posted July 26, I was under the impression Hypers were brilliant for spares Dont know why everyones bags on the PBS. Well I gave my son the buggy to race with a Nova Rossi motor and its awesome. Try it at the track and tell us how it performs.

Plaese advice and your views will be greatly appreciated. Send a private message to Rs43EVOman. That will improve the cornering for it.

Send a private message to gerwen. The same goes for rc as 10 years of development has been since the hyper first came out. Find More Posts by gerwen. Hyoer7 has seen some pretty acrobatic crashes and the only thing that happened was the set screw the holds the tuned pipe bracket backed out. Send a private message to re Like the sound of the 8ight 2.

I alsdo have a Z steering servo so it has to be the set-up that is hurting my steering. Can I just ask why you wouldn’t race with the Hyper 7?

Posted July 28, Sign in with Facebook. As I said in my post right abve, i could really use a place to start from to tune this buggy. Oh okay im not a racer so getting the most speed isnt everything what i want is something thats tougher to do jumps and stuff.

I can’t run in the roar cos they only allow up to. I would have nyper7 disagree with that to be honest. General – Nitro Search In.

Sign in with Google. Send a private message to Zonk. Find More Posts by jonnymac. Posted July 2, The thing is, right now i byper7 know whjat all these different tuning adjustments, do and what each of there pros and cons are, and when to use them, but i know i used to have a very in-depth tuning guide saved to my PC, and I REALLY need a link to one of those so i can print it out so when i go to my loacl track, i know what adjustments to make.


Racing your mates round the park is ;bs bit different to racing competitively. PBS Is what i would go with. Posted July 26, edited.

RC Parts, Hyper 7 TQ / PBS Buggy | HoBao Enterprising

Cool, got big bore shocks too Could a Hyper 7 with all the best parts and perfect setup n swapped out engine, extended chasis CNC, extended hypee7, perfect tyres, carbon and ally upgrades etc not even compete? This hobby is loads cheaper but I’ve got the same addictions.

I have crashed into so many things and flipped it so hyyper7 times it’s not even funny Havn’t broke a single part!!!!! Isn’t the hyper 7 heavier than the jammin??? Big engines accelerate like poo even if you mess with the CB size. What I would like to know is can I add on to this buggy to make it more along the lines of a pro buggy, or would it be more money than its worth? Well you’ve blown my mind then. Already have an account? Apart from that every thing is stock excpet for 7 worth of shock clips in the front, and 6 in the rear.