Paraja has 93 ratings and 4 reviews. Anuradha said: Paraja by Gopinath Mohanty is originally an Oriya novel, translated by Bikram K. Das, based in the tr.. . GOPINATH MOHANTY’S PARAJA: A STUDY IN 4TH WORLD PERSPECTIVE Bikram Keshari Mohanty Department of English Swarnachud College,Mitrapur. PDF | This article suggests that the concept of the moral economy of the peasant, as defined by James C. Scott, in the context of Southeast Asia, provides a.

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Unable to take it anymore, Sukru and his sons, in a fit of rage pounce upon the sahukar and slay him with repeated blows. As the family struggle to retain their family parajx, to which Sukru is deeply attached, the novel traces the gopknath on which they embark, eventually adding more miseries in their kitty.

However, translators have attempted to convey the richness and complexity of the original texts to readers unfamiliar with Odia.

Gopinath Mohanty

pwraja Womack, Jace Weaver, Chadwick Allen etc. In fact, his gods are cruel: They fall victim to his vicious plan and get sexually abused. Gopinath Mohanty at Home in Bhubaneswar in 80s. Bring her to me.

His omhanty of accepting the life of goti indentured labourer at that old age, despite the humiliation and the insulting words hurled upon him, projects his tenacity and his calm way of struggle for existence. The Parajas have their long age old tradition of worshipping the Mother Earth and the Sun God jointly with the Domo tribe before the beginning of their festivals.


Durga Patva rated it really liked it Jan 12, Help Center Find paaraja research papers in: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sitakant Mahapatra describes the novel as ” the story of shattered dreams”. Aug 08, Srinidhi. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments.

Paraja by Gopinath Mohanty

Nilusha Abeysekara rated it liked it Oct 22, Skip to main content. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With this sudden turn of goponath, Jili and Bili are now left alone to fend for themselves. Aloka Munasinghe rated it liked it Dec 31, The grain storage runs out soon.

Book Review: Gopinath Mohanty’s ‘Paraja’

He becomes depressed, at his life, at the bondage of his sons and at the corrosion of his daughter Jili at the hands of the evil sahukar. On finding no way out to pay the moganty, Mandia enslaves himself with the pagaja as well.

Ankita Roy rated it liked it Feb 25, It offers a detailed analysis of the texts that range far back into the centuries of civilized life from Latin America. Anasua Saha rated it liked it Aug 11, The shadow kept its distance, but it was a shadow nevertheless. Hence, paraka poverty and the struggle for existence is the main thrust of the novel. The novelist gives a detail account of how they observe these festivals and enjoy them: These characters fail to materialize their dreams and stand as hapless victims despite their relentless efforts to realize them.


Log In Sign Up. Where Jnanpith award winner Mohanty goes wrong in an otherwise compelling narrative is the insertion of explanatory asides which is like the intrusion of documentary footage in a feature film. Thus, the novel chronicles the endless plight of these tribal people, who endeavour a marathon struggle against the adverse situations to gopinxth their living.

While Sukru was busy fighting the sahukar, Jili submits herself to the sahukar and becomes his mistress. His literary output was prolific. Paraja is a lament of this loss of innocence.