Please refer to older Fuqua casebooks for these c. In prior years other firms have provided sample cases. which are reflective of actual case. Visit to practice consulting interviews with case interview casebooks from Top MBA programs, including. View Test Prep – Fuqua DMCC Casebook (Final) from MARKETING at Duke University. The Duke MBA Consulting Club Casebook

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She also spent 10 years working with a Mexico City nonprofit that develops skills in children through games. You now have the annual cash flows generated by the bar. To perform a valuation in this case, the candidate must estimate the cash flows from the business and discount them back using a perpetuity formula.

Manuel Costa co-chair — Manuel believes strongly in social impact and spent a number of years working with TECHO, the largest Latin American-based nonprofit that seeks to eradicate poverty through community development and emergency relief projects. Accurate valuation given assumptions. Please copy and paste this caesbook script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Anna grew up in the Philippines and Thailand, remaining passionate about promoting economic development, private sector growth, and environmental sustainability in developing countries.

Allow the candidate to brainstorm costs before revealing the following data: Posted on March 29, by Kyle Munn. She worked as a volunteer for over 6 years at CISV, a nonprofit focused on peace education, and at Fundamentes, an organization that provides mental health and academic support for at-risk youth in Costa Rica. Thank you for interesting in our services. Yulia Gumeniak — Yulia worked with one of the top communications consultancy firms in Ukraine before coming to Fuqua.

Tiffany Hsieh — Before coming to Fuqua, Tiffany was a research analyst with Cssebook International, a nonprofit independent research institute with a ruqua on educational programs and policies.


Have the candidate brainstorm possible fixed costs and variable costs. Lee Johnson — Lee is a former technology consultant whose background includes working with the International Rescue Committee on helping recently-arrived refugees in the United States.

Christin Prats — Christin was a strategy analyst with FHIa nonprofit international development organization that works on a number of issues including healthcare, education, economic development, and the environment. Manuel Costa — Manuel believes strongly in social impact and spent a number fuqia years working with TECHO, the largest Latin American-based nonprofit that seeks to eradicate poverty through community development and emergency relief projects.

This year she served as a non-voting board member of Threshold Clubhouse through the Fuqua on Board program. Danielle Hayman — Danielle has spent a number of years in the education space, most recently as a college counselor in the New York City public school system.

There are two components: Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Under fixed costs the candidate might consider rent, general maintenance, management, insurance, liquor license, and possibly employees. Thus, whatever numerator the candidate arrives at should be divided by.

How does one perform a valuation of the business?

Case Interview Casebook ─ Fuqua | MasterTheCase

Kat McNeil — Kat spent three years in the Peace Corps before coming to Fuqua, working as a math teacher casbook economic development volunteer in Cameroon where she trained other Peace Corps volunteers and Cameroonians in data collection, monitoring and evaluation.

Samantha Dina — Before coming to Fuqua, Samantha worked with a DC area nonprofit research and consulting firm to help nonprofits scale their missions.

Kushal Doshi — Kushal comes to Fuqua with a background in consulting, most recently with Deloitte. Tyler Clark — Before coming to Fuqua, Tyler worked as an investment officer with Pomona Impact, an impact investing fund that focuses on making investments in small growing businesses in Central America, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador.


We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. We are always amazed at the experiences and aspirations of Fellow applicants and this year was no exception. These fellows come from a wide range of backgrounds and participate in CASE programming by providing great insights and leading workshops, speaker sessions, and other programming in social entrepreneurship and impact investing. This year, Lee served as a consultant for Gritcube, a virtual startup accelerator that empowers entrepreneurs in Africa.

Welcome 2017-2018 CASE & CASE i3 Fellows!

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The interviewer may have to nudge less-savvy candidates toward the next step discounted cash flow analysis. Size px x x x x Fuqha need your help! Hannah Ford co-chair — Hannah has previous experience vasebook the social impact space, having worked with several organizations with a focus on the arts.

At this point a great candidate will drive the process forward and recognize that they need to figure out a stream of cash flows going forward. He is also a cabinet member of the Net Impact Club. From working with a sustainable cocoa farming initiative to developing a microcredit program in Central America, these Fuqua students are already showing the world that they have the drive and motivation to make big changes.