From Francine Pascal, creator of the bestselling Sweet Valley High series and author of the NY Times bestselling Sweet Valley Confidential, comes the. Francine Pascal, the creator of the enormously successful teen tales Pascal herself wrote a sequel, Sweet Valley Confidential, featuring the. Sweet Valley Confidential was published on March 29, The story was entirely written by creator Francine Pascal.

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Jessica and Todd still live together in Sweet Valley. It was not very good, but come on, it’s a Sweet Valley book.

Sweet Valley High – Wikipedia

View all 5 comments. A quarter of the letters I got would start, ‘I used to hate to read It’s roughly 11 years since Sweet Valley High, and Elizabeth is living on her own in New York City, refusing to answer her sister’s calls. I do not remember Jessica throwing a “like”, “so”, or “totally” into her speech in the old series.

I desperately wanted to be friends with Lila and have her take me shopping in her lime-green Triumph. Elizabeth still caving to Jessica. The story jumped from the first person view of several characters and sub plots. Lots of fluff, and all the drama you need for a relaxing afternoon read. Elizabeth and Jessica find their senior year to be as emotionally tumultuous as the last as new relationships are formed, old ones are changed, and they must look forward to life after high school.

AJ Morgan makes an conficential, only he’s not really AJ in anything but name. As the book itself says “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose,” which means “The more things change, the more they stay the same. She says that when Jessica was in the 7th grade she let AJ touch her breast. Ok, you don’t really need to hear about what a nerd I was, so moving on.


It decided to pretend the SV University books never existed e. Chronologically this is the final chapter in the series and the only spin-off that did not feature Jessica directly. It’s badly written should have francie the ghostwriters write this one too, Pascal and changes the characters personaliti Someone needs to tell Francine Pascal that she shouldn’t write about things she obviously despises because there is no doubt in my mind after reading Sweet Valley Confidential: This is more like reuniting with a group of people you hated and hoped to never see again.

They sleep with someone once and all of a sudden they are in a relationship.

Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later by Francine Pascal

Lila’s father is listed as Richard Fowler. By pointing out minor, petty reasons, I might add. For one thing, I could not buy the main betrayal — view spoiler [Jessica and Todd?! The Elizabeth and Jessica Secret Diaries were a quick and easy way to know about the events of previous books all mashed into one nifty volume.

Of course, current trends had to pop up, like Twitter and Facebook, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, which always makes a book better and doesn’t date it in the least. I should clarify – I grew up with Jessica and Elizabeth.

I’m a little bit sad that I didn’t hang onto my collection, and that I ended up donating them. Amy was mentioned so little that I can’t even recall if she was mentioned at all.


A glorious, glorious shitstorm. You sure know how to pick them. This book is about Elizabeth, Jessica, Bruce and Todd.

Sweet Valley High

At another trip to Waldenbooks I realized there was also the Sweet Valley Twins series and was so excited that I mowed through those as well. Talk about a let down.

It’s tempting to go write my own ‘Ten Years On’ book. So the novel sees Elizabeth living alone in New York, estranged from her sister Jessica who has — plus ca change! Instead of being pushed on a swing, you were just pushed to the floor. The Adult Years” I’d be set. Sweet Valley High and all its spin-offs, from Twins to University were pretty much all I read in elementary school and going into junior high, so obviously this book is a must-read.

Maybe it won’t be a big deal to some people but I wanted to say again to those who didn’t know: The over the top! I will even concede that there are some so-called Valley Girls that do say like. Too many, and told by too many points of view. So it is not plausible that a dirty blonde A.

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