Gerald Raphael Finzi (14 July – 27 September ) was a British composer. Finzi is . Of Finzi’s few chamber works, only the Five Bagatelles for clarinet and piano have survived in the regular repertoire. Finzi had a long friendship with. As so often with Finzi, the Five Bagatelles were written over a considerable number of years. They were completed during World War II, in free moments.

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The outbreak of World War II delayed the first performance of Dies natalis at the Three Choirs Festivalan event that could have established Finzi as a major composer. Full of Bachian conceits, it explores the full range of the clarinet in a devil-may-care exuberance.

Includes separate piano accompaniment sheet. Finzi is best known as a choral composer, but also wrote in other genres. Includes separate piano accompaniment sheet.

Five Bagatelles, Op 23 – Hyperion Records – CDs, MP3 and Lossless downloads

Finzi’s younger son Nigel was a successful violinist, and worked closely with their mother in promoting his father’s music. The first piece, the Prelude, has an exciting edge to it, the way the piano starts playing in a lively way to start off the suite, and then the clarinet enters, and at the end it finishes with a fantastic trill and hits a “D” up of middle “C”, it sounds fantastic.

University of St Andrews. For voice and orchestra he composed the above-mentioned Dies natalisand the pacifist Farewell to Arms Large-scale compositions by Finzi include the cantata Dies natalis for solo voice and string orchestra, and his concertos for cello and clarinet.


Retrieved 3 May Click on a grade to view the full syllabus. Together with a fourth, completed in Januarythey were given their first performance on 15 January by Pauline Juler accompanied by Howard Ferguson at one of the renowned National Gallery daily lunchtime concerts that did so much to hearten war-weary Londoners.

The third piece, Carol is a lovely piece for the clarinettist of grade 3 standard [ABRSM], the piano introduction is very welcoming and has the “listen” factor, this piece also sounds more complicated than it actually is!

It lay dormant for over a decade until Finzi took the melody up again for this bagatelle. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Infollowing five years of study with Bairstow, Fivr moved to Painswick in Gloucestershirewhere he began composing in earnest.

Finzi became one of the most characteristically “English” composers of his generation. Concerto for Clarinet in A K.

Although he believed Britain had no alternative but to fight the Nazi menace, he felt intensely frustrated at the prospect of looming war service which would interrupt his composing, just at this moment of new confidence. Certainly this tender, lilting music seems worlds away from the lively Venetian fiive dance bagztelles is ginzi origin of the word. InFinzi learned that he was suffering from the then incurable Hodgkin’s disease and had at most ten years to live. But this happiness was not to last.

The first piece, the Prelude, has an exciting edge to it, the way the piano starts playing in a lively way to start off the suite, and then the clarinet enters, and at the end it finishes with a fantastic trill and hits a “D” up of middle “C”, it sounds fantastic.


This bagqtelles was last edited on 24 Novemberat He also completed a violin concerto which was performed in London under the baton of Vaughan Williams, but was not satisfied with it and withdrew the two outer movements; the surviving middle movement is called Introit.

Five Bagatelles

He died soon afterwards, aged 55, in the Radcliffe InfirmaryOxford, the first performance of his Bagqtelles Concerto on the radio having been given the night before. His ashes were scattered on May Hill near Gloucester in Finzi’s father, a successful shipbrokerdied just a fortnight short of his son’s eighth birthday.

Finzi’s Clarinet Concerto and his Cello Concerto are possibly his most famous and frequently performed instrumental works. Boydell Press,p.

The fourth piece Forlana is a very peaceful serene piece, lke the second piece Romance, it is very romantic and very peaceful. The Fughetta Allegro vivace undoubtedly provided the lively finale that Boosey wanted.

Gerald Finzi

From the very beginning, most of his music was elegiac in tone. Infollowing an excursion near Gloucester with Vaughan WilliamsFinzi developed shinglesprobably as a result of immune suppression caused by Hodgkin’s disease. In the poetry of Hardy, Traherne, and later William WordsworthFinzi was attracted by the recurrent motif of the innocence of childhood corrupted by adult experience. Biographies refer to him subsequently developing chickenpoxwhich developed into a “severe brain inflammation “.

The last piece, Fughetta, well what can i say!!