Eschweilera ovata (Cambess.) Miers Search in The Plant List Search in IPNI Search in Australian Plant Name Index Search in NYBG Virtual Herbarium Search. Dispersal and prédation of Eschweilera ovata seeds in the Atlantic Forest of Southern Bahia, Brazil. Fernanda de Souza Vilela, Kevin Michael Flesher1 and. Palavras-chave: Eschweilera ovata, espécies arbóreas tropicais, taxa de cruzamento, cruzamentos endogâmicos, coancestria, tamanho efetivo de variância.

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The calyx-lobes are separate from one another i. Objetivando reter o N e de 50, em amostras de E.

Close-up of flower Photograph by: Inflorescences racemose, terminal or axillary, usually unbranched, the principal rachis cm long, glabrous; pedicels well-defined, mm long. Berg Miers Lecythis idatimon DC. This name is currently accepted. It can be downloaded from the Internet. eschweikera

Eschweilera ovata – Useful Tropical Plants

Annals of Human Geneticsv. Berg Miers Lecythis blanchetiana O.

American Journal of Botanyv. Plantas Raras do Brasil: The seeds of Pvata. Dentre essas, Eschweilera ovata Cambess. Mating system of a tropical rain forest tree species. Journal of Applied Ecologyv.


SEINet Portal Network – Eschweilera ovata

The influence of seed dispersal mechanisms on the genetic structure of plant populations. Berg Miers Eschweilera blanchetiana O. Berg Lecythis idatimon DC. Berg Miers Lecythis blanchetiana O. Bark gray, with shallow, ovaata fissures, the outer bark mm thick, the inner bark 4 mm thick.

In addition, Berg named other eastern Brazilian species, e. Seeds per fruit; aril lateral. Forgivers and seed dispersal. Leaf morphology and anatomy of Eschweilera ovata. Mature fruit with seeds inside Photograph by: If you have any useful information about this plant, please leave a esschweilera. This species is also common in degraded areas where it appears to be a pioneer species Gusson et al. Other names such as biriba roxa F. Observations on the fruits and seeds of neotropical Lecythidaceae.

Loss of genetic diversity by status number. Mating system of two Bombacaceous trees of a neotropical moist forest. This wood have a nick name of Biriba and is widely used and considered the best one for the use of making an important primitive musical instrument of exotic non-orthodox sound used in the Brazilian Art-form and martial art called capoeira.


Eschewilera Journal of Human Geneticv. Berg recognized a number of infraspecific eschweileda of Lecythis ovata Camb. Mattos-silva and many other collections by this collector and escweilerabiriba-branca S. Genetic diversity and mating system of post-fire and porst-harvest black spruce: Sucre are infrequently used for this species.

Eschweilera ovata

Multiple paternity in Eucalyptus rameliana Myrtaceae. Population studies on southwestern Indian Tribes. Silvae Geneticav.

Kvataembiriba C. Small to medium-sized trees, m tall. Berg Miers Eschweilera luschnathii O. Same as for Lecythis ovata Cambess. Eschweilera ovatatropical tree species, outcrossing rate, biparental inbreeding, coancestry, effective variance size.