This page contains information about the Service Manual for the EPS Plus from Ensoniq Corporation. Hello Gslutz, im searching for schematics for the Ensoniq EPS Can someone help You wont find the service manual for free on the web. 21 EPS—16 PLUS Service Manual Table of Contents — 1 Table of Contents . For more information about the Poly-Key Keyboard assembly, see ENSONIQ.

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Ensoniq EPS PLUS Manuals

Check to make sure that all the cable connections are secure and correct. Remove the OEX-6 board from the unit. Insert the Test disk. Note that there are star washers on the inside only. Pressing various control panel buttons will cause the Display to print characters, home the cursor, etc. Remove the two screws that fasten the metal cartridge retainer to the base and discard the screws and the retainer.

If the ribbon cable is mispinned, fuses F3 and F4 on the power supply will blow.

Ensoniq EPS 16+ Service Manual

If there is a failure in any of the tests, the special segments in the display and the control panel LEDs will flash alternately. It also could be caused by a problem with the keyboard: A file name should appear in the display. Plug the Mono to Stereo cable into the Left mono side and Ft.

Be sure that the mamual lies flat beneath the Keyboard and is not pinched under the Keyboard frame. The disk drive is the same for both units. Creating A New Sequence If the cable is mis-pinned or installed backward, fuses F3 and F4 on the power supply board will blow.


Once all failure status indicators have been cleared, press Enter-Yes to restart the Burn-in Test cycle at the displayed test.

Remove the one 1 machine screw from above the disk drive about an inch back from the front panel that attaches the cover to the disk drive bracket, 2. Section 1 – Getting Started Reconnect the two cables paying particular attention to the polarity.

If the ribbon cable is mis-pinned, fuses F3 and F4 on the power supply will be blown. Install the one 1 machine screw on the top of the unit located about 1″ back from the control panel.

manusl Remove the four 4 screws that attach the mounting brackets to the Disk Drive. Rather than diagnose and exchange individual components, you will replace complete modules.

What Is A Song Remove the three 3 wire tabs connected to the back of the Filter, paying particular attention to the polarity. Install the one 1 machine screw from the bottom of the unit located about 1″ back from the control panel this screw goes through the disk drive mounting bracket inside the unit.

In some cases, however, it is difficult to isolate the problem.

Ensoniq Manuals & Videos

Disconnect the transformer cables to the power supply, line filter, and power switch. Replace the Main Board screws, and secure the jacks with the nuts. Carefully remove the lid from the unit. Power up, test the unit, and re-attach the lid see Section A. Sfrvice Mims has been creating sounds for Ensoniq serfice for over 20 years, and was a beta tester and factory sound programmer for many of those keyboards. Go to Step 9 to start servide Bum-in Test cycle. There was a bug which made it possible for a SONG file to use much more memory than it actually needed.


BANKS – in previous versions, loading banks more than once in succession did not always produce the same results. Insert the replacement Power Supply Board.

Reattach the Wheel Assembly to the case using the four screws. Change Sequence Length Remove all cables connected to the EPS including the Power cable. Rather than diagnose and exchange individual components, you will replace complete modules.

Hold down a few keys. What Is System Exclusive Data Use the sustain right pedal to verify that sustain works, then stop the sequencer using the sequencer left pedal.

Leave these two mounting— screws out when: Sometimes, these notes were not heard. Lift the finned heat sink from the outside of the case so that it is centered in the opening.

Remove the four 4 screws that fasten the control panel with a 2. Re-connect the three wires to the Filter, again noting the proper polarity. Also please stay online while printing this document to make sure you get all the pages.

Verify that no pressure effect occurs. When the glue sets, the screws will hold the sub-assembly tightly in place. Tutorial – Keyboard Crossfade Use solder sparingly as the solder can manuaal down through the lead hole and setvice on the bottom side of the board, possibly creating a short circuit which could damage the circuitry.

It is important to realize that these messages are diagnostics and do not necessarily indicate a problem. When appending a track using OS Version 2. Optional Scsi Connector

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