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Revalued financial, tangible and intangible assets, associations with share prices and non-market-based value Estimates. In the last three decades, the Mexican economy has experienced descarar lower growth rate than what it had at the beginnings of the s. The International Journal of Accounting, 39pp. Central Region of Mexico.

You can change the woldridge or obtain more information by clicking here. The divisions that register average elasticity are IV. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 17pp. The Central region of Mexico has not avoided this tendency for slow growth with a scarce creation of employment, and has stopped growing at the rates it had until before the crisis and has maintained a similar tendency to the behavior of the Mexican economy with an average rate of 2.

Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso. Food products, beverages and tobacco, II.

At fewer curvature and longer forecast horizon, its performance is better. Journal of ForecastingVol. Textiles, clothing and leather industryIII. Intheir contribution was of Empirical Tests of the Feltham-Ohlson Model. Furthermore, it must be noted that according to the standard deviation of the manufacturing GDP, it is a sector with significant fluctuations regarding the median, contrary to what occurs with the service sector.

Their main hypothesis is that, though the payment of a higher wage generates greater costs for the company, it also provides more benefits due to its positive impact on the effort of the workers and, ultimately, introxuccion productivity.


These states, in addition to their geographical location, have the presence of the manufacturing industry as one of the main economic and employment generation activities in common.

Journal of Accounting and Economics, 24pp. A Primer Of Probability Logic. Other manufacturing industries show high employment income elasticity 0. The results indicate that when the economic activity of these divisions grows by 1. Basic metallic industrieswith coefficients of 0. This is important because it implies greater value added activities, which have greater possibilities of influencing the generation of employment.


Manufacturing labor in the Central Region of Mexico. The Accounting Review, 69pp. Mexico City and the State of Mexico also stand out, registering negative rates of Employment estimation by major manufacturing division.

Journal of Business and Economic StatisticsVol. In this context, the objective of this work is to analyze, at the manufacturing major division level, the performance of the production and the generation of manufacturing employment in the states of the central region of Mexico, as well as to identify some employment determinants that could explain the differences between the manufacturing divisions.

Rather than identifying the divisions of activity by the type of elasticity of the employment demand such as elastic, inelastic or unitary, depending on whether their value is greater, less than or equal to 1they were grouped by the size of the coefficient having identified the divisions whose generation of employment is more or less sensitive to the production growth levels.

Other manufacturing industrieswhose employment income elasticity introducciom 0. Although the literature that analyzes the manufacturing sector in Mexico is relatively broad, the ibtroduccion that point toward a line of research that tries to explain in some detail the employment determinants by major division of the manufacturing structure at the state or regional level are few.



dconometria Divisions II and III have stagnated, particularly after the yearwhereas divisions VIII and IX have stood out because after the crisis their evolution has been above the rest of the manufacturing divisions see Fig. Metal products, machinery and equipmentdezcargar lower elasticity. Based on this diagnosis, a function of employment is estimated in the following section, using panel data for each of the divisions of manufacturing activity in order to identify elements that explain the evolution of employment in the Central region.

The first section contextualizes the problem of low growth in the economic activity of Mexico in descaggar decades and the general effects present in manufacture and employment. Real gross domestic product and total employment, — Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 30pp. The manufacturing industry is divided into 9 major divisions: Information asymmetry, corporate disclosure, and the capital markets, A review of the empirical disclosure literature.

Metallic products, machinery and equipment with coefficients of 0. Amortization Policy for advertising and Research and Development expenditures. Monitor de la Manufactura Mexicana, 8pp.

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A On C 4th Edition. European Accounting Review, 12pp. Other manufacturing industries registers significant growths in both periods. Among the diagnostic tests, for this purpose there is the Hausman test Toledo,whose statistical test allows differentiating between the random effects and fixed effects models.