INTRODUCTION. Congratulations on purchasing the dbx Model XT Compressor/Limiter. We recommend you take a moment and read through the manual. dbx x. PROFESSIONAL SINGLE-CHANNEL. COMPRESSOR/LIMITER. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Used with the permission of AKG ACOUSTICS, INC. View and Download Dbx X instruction manual online. X Music Mixer pdf manual download.

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Never remove the cover. I just purchase kanual the euros. I don’t think you would want this for studio applications. The unit lay out is about as simple as you can get.

The Model X requires a maximum of 1 2 watts AC power. Nothing will give you great compression and limiting like the dbx x can. You will have a lot of control over your music but you can do the same with software as well except the software limiters just arent as good, unless you spend a ton of money on a limiter and compression plug in and in that case the dbx x would be cheaper to go with because it is not expensive at all anymore.

This will not damage the unit, mabual may manula distortion. And A are made in China That is, when a phone plug is inserted, the detector input is no longer connected in parallel with the audio input.

Ensure that all terminals are securely tightened and that there are no loose strands of wire. msnual

Rackable For the English doc is here: After expiration of the warranty, a rea- sonable charge will be made for parts, labor, and packing if you choose to use the factory service facility. Anyway, it’s very simple. The over-easy is the voice or if you just want to smooth the vbx of an instrument without audible compression effect.


Compression lessens the loudness variations among the strings and increases the sustain. Please complete the Registration Card and return it. The best starting point is fbx ground the shield of the input cable at the source device leaving it unconnected at the 1 60XT and to ground the shield of the output cable to the ground terminal of the 1 60XT leaving it unconnected at the receiving device.

Insure the package properly.

All user reviews for the dbx 160X

I think it’s a good value but of course, home studio, you can do without this kind of tool. Stereo linkable with a simple TRS. Mounting the unit directly over large heat-producing devices such as a vacuum-tube power amplifier may shorten component life and is not rec- ommended.

A setting of 2: Use the original packing material if it is available. Using this unit you wont be able just to click on different limiting presets and compression presets.


Be sure to verify both your actual line voltage and the volt- age for sbx your Model XT was wired, as indicated on the rear panel of your unit.

If you need to return a product to the factory for service, include a letter describing the problem.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Applications The dbx XT is capable of handling a wide range of applications. DBX has a very distinct and so you have to be very careful as to how much to use. Nonetheless, be sure to examine the unit and the carton for any signs of damage that may have occurred during shipping. The control curve of the RATIO potentiometer has been designed to pro- vide total operator control, with scale expansion at the subtle lower ratios for easy, repeatable settings.


Over a button-easy for a more gradual compression, and a bypass, a truth, which directly connects the input jack to output jack.

Dbx 160X Instruction Manual

Program-dependent attack and release times assure natural sound without the need for con- tinuous manual adjustments. This limiter can not be compared to a software limiter because it is just so much better than any software limiter to me. Input signals which fall be- low this level will pass through the 1 60XT unprocessed except for fixed gain changes directed by the output control.

It compresses as you want possibly a lot! If you hit this compressor with a very hard signal you will hear the compression and the sound of the unit. These definitely sound better than the dbx andbut is a bit more expensive than both.