Cairngorm is based on Model View Controller (MVC) framework, specifically designed to facilitate complex state and data synchronization. Over the past few years, Cairngorm architecture has been hugely embraced for developing enterprise Flex applications. While there are a lot of. For the love of GOD, don’t use Cairngorm (2) as a framework. Use either RobotLegs or Parsley. Both of which has awesome documentation.

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Clear Toolkit is a collection of code generators, methodologies, and smart components.

fles The modern frameworks work by watching the display list for Views that you’re interested in to be added to the stage, then supplying them with dependencies according to flez you set up. The class LoadEmployeesEvent package com. The SaveEmployeeEditsEvent event is dispatched: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

List of Flex frameworks

The business layer retrieves data from the servers and stores it in the memory objects that represent the data model, which use binding to notify the UI components about data arrival or changes. The Command class then processes the event by running the Command class’ execute method, which is an ICommand interface method. The View portion contains visual components required by your application, value objects, and Cairngorm-specific event classes used for communication with the Model and Controller tiers.

It aims at greatly simplifying the development of RIA applications through client-side data management, real-time messaging, transparent lazy-loading, paged queries, code generation and other features.


To make some of the columns editable, change the editable attribute of these DataGridColumn s to true. But PureMVC allows you to invoke more than one command as a response to a notification.

Flex MVC-Cairngorm « Thinking in Java And Flex

Handling that process is the branch of code originated by the following call:. Imagine a new housing development. This model locator stores the data and the state of this application—in particular, the variable employeeListDPwhich is the place where architectuee list of employees is being stored.

The fact that cairngorn services are located in a central place allows us to quickly reconfigure the data sources, i. The Controller is the most sophisticated part of the Cairngorm architecture.

Apache Flex – A Practical Guide: Introduction to MVC Architecture of Cairngorm

Your reuse is governed by the Creative Commons Attribution 3. Archotecture registers employee and user proxy classes with the Facade class, so they know where to send notifications. You can find the generated Java code in the folder.

Specify that you are going to use BlazeDS on the server side, and specify the location of your blazeds. Agchitecture with resource files will be explained in Chapter. The role of the View layer in a Cairngorm application is to throw afchitecture and bind to data stored in the Model. To load the employees, the Command class creates an instance of the proper delegate passing the reference to itself this is how the delegate knows where to return the data and calls the method loadEmployeesService:.

If you have to develop a project without experienced Flex developers on your team, however, Cairngorm can give your project a structure that will prevent it from failing. Development managers who have to work with distributed teams of beginner or mid-level Flex developers and need a safety net to split the project work into smaller controllable tasks e.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In the case of Cairngorm, a view that needs some data would reach out for the model by making a call like ModelLocator.

So, is Cairngorm right for your project? Command When a View component fires an event, FrontController finds the Command class that was registered with this event and calls its aarchitecture execute. Lets see the related code of BuddyList app: It builds all view components and registers the mediators for each of them. The author of PureMVC wanted to create a framework that could have been ported to caiengorm programming languages, and this approach inadvertently delivers a product that underutilizes benefits offered by language-specific constructs.

Suppose you have 10 [Bindable] String variables in the ModelLocator. The List component the View knows about its model and is bound to it directly via its dataProvider property.

Sign up using Facebook. I work on flsx level apps, and to me, with an entire team working on the same project, an MVC framework, specifically Cairngorm, is a boon. A 6-part series by Adobe Professional Services that explains the why and how to build an application with Cairngorm.