Sunny McDonald is in the ultimate forbidden relationship. Her boyfriend Magnus is a vampire, and the leader of the Blood Coven. And when the Coven decides. Buy a cheap copy of Bad Blood book by Mari Mancusi. The newest Blood Coven novel-accompanied by edgy repackages of the rest of the series Sunny. Title: Bad Blood Author: Mari Mancusi Date of Publication: Jan 5th Pages: Source: Bought Synopsis from : Sunny.

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She used her fake idea to gamble the nights away, and she is definitely more the emotional, in your face character. I mean its Las Vegas need I say more? As for the mancusii behind Jane, she’s actually Sasha, and she and Cornelius worked together for the High Stakes Coven to overthrow Magnus for the death of Cornelius’s sister Tabitha at the hands of Lucifent, the former blood coven master.

Which is better anyway. Magnus, in my opinion, should have been slapped upside his stupid head by both Rayne and especially Sunny. This Nancusi Coil Author: The newest Blood Coven novel-accompanied by edgy repackages of the rest of the series Sunny McDonald is in the ultimate forbidden relationship.

Rayne, more of the carefree, screw mxncusi world sister tells her to go for it, and after much internal deliberation, Sunny decides after the football game, this will be the night. They feel like that their dad doesn’t care about them. This addition to the Blood Coven Vampires series follows Sunny but don’t worry, Rayne is still kicking!


Jun 10, Hannah Wilburn mancjsi it it was amazing Shelves: I give it 4 Feet! They have such a strong bond with one another and even though they fight, they still come through for each other in the end. I just love magnus so much.

Bad Blood (Blood Coven, book 4) by Mari Mancusi

Ich hoffe einfach, dass die Autorin nicht noch mehr Fantasy Elemente in dieser Reihe einsetzt, da es sonst zu viele werden. I enjoy getting to read their hilarious adventures! What they aren’t expecting is a whirl wind of adventure that leads them onto different paths all along the way that lead to more mysteries for them to solve. Overview Readers reviews 5 Product Details.

The events in this book, are once again, completely unbelievable.

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I have to say, I am a little frustrated when goodreads site breaks and losing all that I’ve written. Sunny follow a guy, named Cornelius who really is a vampire when she see him talking to Jane. Ok, so, in recap He is romantic and the sweetest guy! Just to put it out there, for a while there, while reading, I thought the existence of vampires was known to world, but I guess I was wrong.

Sure, it may just be jealousy at first but when she begins to question Jane, she discovers that Jane may not be the person that she claims to be. PenguinJan 5, – Juvenile Fiction – pages. Mancusi is very good at writing in a teenage voice. Sunny and her twin sister Rayne are majcusi it again. Being children of divorce, dealing with their issues of abandonment of the main male figure in blod lives and how it affects their relationships with their other halves.


Stake That: A Blood Coven Vampire Novel

I feel like my reviews for this series just keep getting shorter but it seems that there isn’t much to say beyond giving the book away that I have not already said in my previous reviews. She was a lot more relatable to me than Rayne because Sunny showed human fear but still managed to pull herself through it, while Rayne just seemed confident and more than a little pissed at the world.

Gross what a sleezer. Blood Coven Vampire 8 books. I look forward to more books with Stormie in them.

Bad Blood isn’t a phenomenal story, but it is funny, sweet, and enjoyable. Sunny was correct in her assessment that Jane was a fraud and trying to destroy Magnus and the Blood Coven. With their father once again not there to explain what really happen all those years ago.