So, Just for fun I desided to write up a list for a Averland Mercenary warband, To see if I could get it good and this is what I came up with, How. MrMiesta’s Averland Mercenaries. Games I’m Currently Playing: Recent Posts: Hello world! Recent Comments: Profile · Galleries · Rosters · Posts. Random. The Grand County of Averland is a major and founding Imperial Province that lies directly to the south-east of the Empire of Man. As with the province of.

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In fact, in Dragon Rampant, they can have “Weighty Projectiles” which shortens their range to 12″, but the units cost 1 pt less. Tancred, his sons and their families were all killed in the Massacre of Grettstatt in the turmoil of DeanM October 6, at 9: Your ad here, right now: She named her daughter Marlene von Alptraum her heir. Ludmilla agreed only once the town gave up its charter. In laterAverland was swept by a witch-burning crusade when the complicity of a coven of witches in a plot against the Leitdorf family was revealed.

While Mikael had no problem staying in the business of killing people, Barry and Clive were more shaken by their leader’s death, and so became woodsmen and hunters. The Brigundian tribe were horsemen and charioteers of renown. They also were on the winning side at the Battle of Kappel in during the Reformation in Switzerland.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random mercenzries Help. Regardless whether the trap was triggered or not, the marker is removed. The Legacy of the Noble Family of Fischer is one of tragedy and shame. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search.

Place a marker in base contact with the Bergjaeger. Yom’s dream didn’t die with him, and Arthur’s single-minded devotion was never to that boorish oaf, it was to the House of Fischer, and the House of Fischer only, whether it existed as a reprehensible drunkard, an idea in his own mind, or a bastard son didn’t matter.


MrMiesta’s Averland Mercenaries

Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance. Anyways, I dident have any models in mind for anything exep the hobits and bergjaegers, but I was thinking a bit, Could I mayhaps use wood elf models for some of the units?

Captain Baerfaust went north with the army in to fight in the northern war against Chaos. Greenskin Grudge Horsefriend History Since the Great War Against Chaos, Averland has had three dynasties of Electors — more more correctly one dynasty and two electors of different families thereafter.

Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your merceanries, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: There is less business for lawyers in Averland but more for Verenan arbitrators. I’d drop the swords, shields and axe especially the axe and shieldsadd a crossbow for the Captain, and put the rest into more Mountainguard bodies.

Leave it to the Swiss to come up with cool color combos. A survivor of The Order of Chimera, and the only living biological tie to the Merdenaries Family still alive. Times and dates in your local timezone. The many mercenaries who come from the south guarding caravans have brought with them their veneration of Myrmidia.

Yes, I have no problem with these guys being moved about the gaming table. Were you feeling crossbow envy after our LR game? At first the Youngblood will need to be more targeted for melee duty more accurately picking off stunned opponents, etc to get cheap experience pointsbut with a few increases, he should become a viable shooter also.


/TG/heim:Revenge of the Chimera (Averland Mercenaries)

Wars of the Roses. Averlanders have a reputation for being contradictory and changeable mercfnaries, who give too much credence to astrology and omens. Dannoc October mercenarise, at They take this to the extent of often being offended if asked to sign contracts or pledges, for having said they will do something should be enough.

Occupy vs The Sisters of Carnal Knowledge: Averlanders are one of my fave warbands. Posted by DeanM at 7: Ludmilla kept the position of Elector Countess and Ferenc became her husband consort.

I’d just convert regular State Troops to serve as Mountainguard. When Barry heard of The Order’s revival he dropped his new life in a heartbeat and ended up on the Manor doorsteps only averlanf few short weeks later.

The news of The Order’s revival came from Barry, and Clive followed just as eagerly as Barry, more for the promise of more challenging targets than belief in the Fischer Family. You should have enough gold for at least one more MG. Averland will have a new Elector or someone will explain why not to the Sword of Justice. You should check them out. Though famed as a route of invasion, the pass is much more significant for the trade that passes regularly through it from the Border Princes territory, the dwarf realms and, further south, Tilea and beyond.

Count Ferenc von Alptraum died inleading a trade delegation to Karaz-a-Karak. He was subsequently relieved of his command in Altdorf when it was discovered his aide was part of a averlannd. This has lead to a continuing Succession Crisis and rivarlry between the great Leitdorf and Alptraum families.