Owner’s manual for the Pentax Spotmatic SP model 35mm SLR camera When the Asahi Pentax Spotmatic was introduced to the public at the Photokina. Distributed by Page 2. Distributed by . Page 3. Distributed by Page 4. Distributed by WWW. The Pentax Spotmatic refers to a family of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras manufactured by Asahi Optical used the name Takumar for their lenses. . Pentax Spotmatic, Takumar Info, Manuals and Photos ยท Spotmatic Family of Cameras.

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If the equipment is not covered by warranty, Honeywell’s regular charges will apply. You will note from the depth-of-field guide in asahii photograph that the range from approximately 10 to 25 feet is in focus.

The battery fit like a glove inside the chamber, and penttax the only battery out of the 3 different types I bought that worked. When the exposure is completed, the diaphragm reopens to maximum aperture completely automatically and you are ready to compose, focus, and shoot your next pictures.

The A9 or fit perfectly the camera but I found my first photos slightly undersexposed.

A hot shoe for flash was added and the synchronization FP or X was placed on a dial switch located below the rewind crank. The system became the workhorse of many professionals of the period.

The higher the ASA number, the more sensitive the film. Turn the distance scale ring until your subject image is clearly in focus. The body took lenses with an M42 screw threadproviding a large range of available lenses. Never take off lens with meter on! Equipped with diaphragm preview lever which affords visual check of depth of field. If it turns freely, the camera is not loaded.


SilverChrome7 Posted 7 years ago. Here is my comment from PentaxForums. This cell is worth it! Why don’t you [http: Just want to add some of my own experience to this topic.

Pentax Spotmatic – – The free camera encyclopedia

Good Luck to me! Push the meter switch to “on” position. You might need to also use rubber o-ring or aluminum foil spacers to get a good fit. The power supply is now four modern 1. With its unique behind-the-lens exposure meter of entirely new design, the Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic is now more than just another camera.

It is not always necessary for you to view and focus with the diaphragm fully open. Have you tried cleaning the contacts in the battery well? Funny, I have a PX battery in my spotty, and the light meter is bang on perfect! Gives it a more film-ish look. When your subject is in focus, the image in the microprism will be sharp and perfectly clear. Such extreme close-up photography is a special advantage of the single lens reflex camera because there is no parallax problem and you do not need an accessory viewfinder as is ordinarily required for rangefinder type cameras.

I book marked Roberts link up above and i’ll contact him to see if it’s economically feasible to repair mine. Like Nuno said, the AG3 also known as also fits in – I just pulled up the contact tab and screwed the battery cover back on – it works, and the battery only cost me cents.


For those of us that have had the meters in their spotties go out, stop-down metering isn’t all that much fun anyway. Change the shutter speed setting to a faster or slower setting. It worked great and fits the hole perfectly. Always keep the meter switched off when not actually ashai readings. Don’t throw a used battery into fire Note that as the lens apertures change, the effective depth of field also changes.

Pentax Spotmatic

A small switch on the photographer’s left side of the lens housing was pushed up to stop down the lens and activate the meter; the exposure controls would then be adjusted to centre a needle on the right edge of the viewfinder. When testing your lens performance.

When the letter “M” appears beside the lever, the lens is in manual position; when “A” appears, it is in automatic position.

Draw out the film leader and crease across one or two perforations back from the end of the leader. How apotmatic check it 1. What’s happening is that the mirror’s flip mechanism has failed and needs professional attention. The had no luck, even after lifting up the contact. Built-in self-timer releases shutter in seconds. Thanks for all the info here! This site has a PDF manual: