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As a result, I have compiled the following book, which will be found one of the most strange and interesting works ever read. The Archko Volume or Archko Library [1] is a 19th-century volume containing what purports to be a series of reports from Jewish and pagan sources contemporary with Jesus that relate to the biblical texts describing his life. The title Archko Volume appeared during this period, as did the note “Second edition”. Whereas, It now comes to the knowledge of this Pres.

Why should we believe Goodspeed?

The archko volume

But we can check the two editions of the book ourselves by clicking those links above. What makes him so much more volkme than Mahan? At one point, a strange word reveals that a single line of the printed text of Ben-Hur has accidentally been omitted during copying.

Such a cynical world….

The Archko volume is on the loose again! Everyone under the table! – Roger Pearse

No new original material is included, which suggests that this version was produced by a publisher’s clerk. Gamaliel’s interview with Joseph and Mary and others concerning Jesus. The work went through a number of versions and has remained in print ever since.


An interesting note at the Wikipedia article on William Dennes Mahan suggests that someone has taken the time to research further:. The Physical Object Pagination viii, p. He promised to withdraw the book from publication. Per Beskow produced a further volume of the things, under the title Strange Tales about Jesus. So the book is a fake. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Taken from the ancient parchments and scrolls at Constantinople and the Vatican at Rome: Fortress Press, 53— Mahan found himself with a best-seller on his hands, and was quickly making good money.

The archko volume ( edition) | Open Library

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You might also like. Fortunately these things have largely vanished from the web, and so I have not had to spend any time on it for years. To one who believes Christ shed His blood for our sins, what Mahan published should make no difference. In the end Mahan was brought before a church court, convicted of forgery, and suspended for a year; and he passes out of the light at that point.

Views Read Edit View history. It may appear fragmentary, but the reader will remember that it is the record of men made nearly two thousand years ago. The cynical bookseller merely sought cash by exploiting the credulity of rural Christians in the USA.

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The texts are otherwise unknown, and the author was convicted by an ecclesiastical court of falsehood and plagiarism. The older I get,the more deception I find.

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Table of Contents How these records were discovered. December 7, History. The circumstances of composition, the letters to the Boonville Advertiserand the proceedings of the church court were all investigated by Edgar J.

The Archko Volume Or The Archeological Writings Of The Sanhedrim And Talmuds Of The Jews

We just have to do the research. Whatever the motives of Mahan, this book is a deception, intended to harm Christians.

Report of Caiaphas to the Sanhedrim concerning the execution of Jesus. He later revised the book as Modern Apocrypha. The omission of the Eli text suggests that the court verdict was known to the reviser. Resolved, That the suspension of the said W. Valleus’s notes; “Acta Pilati,” or Pilate’s report to Caesar of the arrest, trial, and feee of Jesus. Constantine’s letter in regard to having fifty copies of the Scriptures written and bound. Edition Notes Genre Apocryphal and legendary literature.

I have no problem believing what he states in his book could be true, any more than I have no problem believing his book could be a fraud.