AirStash® Model A02 User Manual – Read more about airstash, your, that, this, wireless and with. maxell air stash manual 4 Preface Congratulations on purchasing AirStash! Please read this manual in its entirety before using your AirStash. This manual. View and Download Maxell A02 quick start manual online. AirStash. A02 Card Reader pdf manual download.

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The AirStash is an interesting device. Thank you for your interest in the AirStash A Wait until your AirStash appears as a drive on your computer. During an update, AirStash must not turn off due to power loss or the update may permanently damage the unit.

This would depend on two main factors. Please read the instructions in this operator manual carefully before using the product. Instructions Please read the following instructions carefully before applying the firmware update.

A problem might be to hide the rather large AirStash behind the photo frame. A digital HDMI connection did not work either. Maxell air stash manual Hey Andy, Not sure why you are getting that error. I realize that this device has built in wifi capability, but can I view pictures on my iPad without access to wifi?

Maxell air stash manual

For your second question, as long as the port on the photo frame is powered, you would not have a problem. You must first change their Wi-Fi settings airsgash to the network normally deployed. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. If there are issues reading the SD card, it might cause the AirStash not to show up on your desktop. Which Surface Device is Right for You? Please read this manual in its entirety before using your AirStash. The innovative product works as advertised.


AirStash® Support

Do not physically remove your AirStash from your computer. The wireless transmitter disengages. Can I transfer a photo folder from my iPad to this device, or only one at a time?

It can access your photos, and upload them to a WebDAV server.

However, Airsstash found that videos streamed to my ipod could not be projected. The airstash support were not helpful. Click here to download air While charging, a yellow LED fades on and off. This will be indicated by the Status Indicator rapidly flashing yellow and green. The update should begin automatically.

This manula was introduced in and is no longer being actively sold or supported. The next morning I began testing the longevity of the AirStash battery by streaming a looped slideshow of the vineyard to my iPad.

I’ve tried airsyash the manufacturer’s site for more details but it looks like this device is no longer sold or supported by the company. If this USB device can do this, can I transfer pics more than one at a time? You must use a 32GB or smaller SD card for this upgrade.



View the user manual of this product directly and completely free. A02 Card Reader pdf manual download. The company rates the battery for manal to seven hours of continuous usage. While you are connected to AirStash, you would not have access to the internet, or other local network resources.

On a Mac, find the AirStash drive on your desktop and right click on it, then choose eject. You would need to select the AirStash network from the list of wireless networks to access the files.

Maxell A02 Quick Start Manual

Can I stick the device in mankal digital photo frame on the wall upstairs and then use my Windows PC in the office downstairs to transfer pictures to the frame?

Home Maxell air stash manual. AirStash is a USB stick that plugs into any computer for transferring content.

How to upgrade the firmware on a Maxell co-branded AirStash A Ensure you are using a high-quality SD card sold by a reputable vendor. This device is itriguing. Latest Discussions Mark S. The download link for the firmware update file appears manusl the firmware update.