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I’ve dealt with this issue for at least 5 years now. I have an 08 malibue. But now the theft system light came on a few days ago and I was stranded until I could google how to reset it. I have a Chevy Malibu and the theft system kept blinking and my car wouldn’t start at all. I shut the car off and it started right away when I kalibu it.

Over time, this adds up and you might need to add some – learn how to here! Additional information on interior fuses. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Our favorite toys for everyone on your list Shop now. One of the indicator lights on amnual car does say security. If it is not there or is solid, theft lock hasn’t been activated and you don’t have ,alibu worry about the rest of this.

But will not start, turn over or click. I should have done WAY more research. They were able to start the car, but it was hesitant. I told them that I never had an anti-theft on y car. What if you have a a car that you bought used and you later found out that the car did have a anti-theft device that was removed?


Interior Fuse Box Location: Chevrolet Malibu – Chevrolet Malibu L 4 Cyl.

Some of these vehicles come with a radio anti-theft device, and if you disconnect the radio without turning off that anti-theft feature, your radio will never work again. I got a lot of “it could be” but I am not in the financial position to be able to put money into “what ifs”. He assured me it would I own Malibu anti theft prevents me from starting.

Tammy answered 3 years ago. I think the repair told me but I can’t remember what to do with my car.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. On my 04 Malibu an when I turn the car off an take the key out an shut the door the car Anti Theft light keeps flashing how can I fix this I don’t have no problems with this starting up the light NotAthief answered about a year ago. Happening with my mustang for a week now. The theft light flashed once and at times I sat an hour in order chevroldt start the car.

YouTube gave me the help I needed. I got everything hooked up properly. I think it has something to do with the anti theft device. This is very important for me in order to properly take care of this great car. Take a deep breath, you’re going to be there for minutes.


David Hobbs helped make these videos. If your battery has green or white cruddy deposits, it is probably not getting enough juice from and will likely wear out maliibu. It still does it. Asked by crazymom56 May 28, at Leave the key in the ignition for minutes until the words “Theft Lock” are no longer blinking on your dash.

I have Saturn SL2. A week or two ago my antitheft light came on.

Interior Fuse Box Location: 2004-2008 Chevrolet Malibu

I took it back two more times about the same problem about the car being hesitant when starting, and again, they found no problem. We are still working to obtain content for your car, however the video above is believed to have similar characteristics as your car.

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